Ventex Window Shadings

While lowering the fabric from the headrail , VENTEX Window Shadings vanes will remain closed . The fabric may be lowered to any position to provide partial or complete privacy as desired. Once completely lowered, the vanes can be opened to allow variable views to the outside. By continuing to pull the loop cord in the same direction ,VENTEX Window Shadings can be partially raised for a clear view on the power portion of the window, and a view through the vanes on the upper portion , reversing the direction of the cord will reverse these viewing options.

VENTEX Window Shadings are available in a variety of fabric colors . VENTEX Window Shadings are also available with standard loop chain , motorized options as well as remote control operation.

VENTEX Window Shadings are custom made and crafted from fine knitted polyester Fabrics. Though soft and luxurious , the fabric is durable enough to be cleaned as would other fine washables. Feather dusting or vacuuming at a low setting is appropriate for every days .Spots may be light rubbed with mild soap.