Roller Blind

Changing times have led to increasing demand for higher security and energy efficiency, making Roller Blind a popular solution. It allows variations in styles and colors, satisfying your visual senses.

Apart from aesthetic needs, Roller blinds can be customized for functional needs of different environments. It utilizes natural light, and improves productivity by minimizing eye fatigue from contrasting bright and dark surface. Moreover, as it balances solar heat and light intake, energy consumption can be reduced significantly.

Roller Blinds can be controlled with manual, motorized and intelligent system. Our Motorized blind provides comprehensive solar protection with ultra-quiet operation and precision in alignment, making it the optimal solution for offices with glass curtain walls. 

A variety of motorized and remote control systems are available to meet the needs of different environments.


Comprehensive decorative and technical Fabric selections with different degree of transparency, light and heat transmission are available.