Supply of Superior Products 
Nicedrape provides a distinctive window treatment system which consists of high technology mechanism and environmental friendly materials. Most of our clients found it of superior quality.
Manufacture to Design
Our team provides professional advice and works with consultants to design products for different applications that bring value-added benefits to users.
High Standard Quality
Our commitment to high standards of quality: Under ISO 9001 certificate, Nicedrape ensures that all products are designed and manufactured in compliance with international certification requirements.
Installation to Fit Site
Suitable for field installation: simple accessories, easy to install.
Professional Technical Advice
Nicedrape offers timely professional and technical consulting during the design stage. Prototype samples can be arranged in some applications for your convenience.
Project Solution
We provide Professional guidance and keep track of your project status. Our project team will help you choose the most suitable solution, and assist you through the roadmap.
Technical Drawing
We provide technical drawings, product drawings to console into architectural drawings.
Our team provides "QRS" — "Quick response" maintenance service to our customers. We are committed to response any maintenance within 48 hours after calls.