The Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong - Ceremony of CMA & Donors Scholarship


The 2020 Manufacturers’ Association Scholarship Award Ceremony was held on December 8th at the Manufacturer’s Association Building. This award’s mission i...

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business - Partner Employer Award 2020


Nicedrape is very grateful to receive the Partner Employer Award 5 years plus by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business Limited. This award...

ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme


We are pleased to announce that Nicedrape have been awarded the ‘‘Manpower Developer Award Scheme’’ that organized by the Employees Retraining Board. Th...

BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019


Nicedrape continuous supporting and promoting environmentally friendly low-carbon development for past 2 decades. We are very pleased to be granted again the &q...