Venetian Blind

If you like your room Classy and Elegant, or want to take control over the amount of light entering the room, Venetian Blind would be your ideal solution.

Venetian Blind allows flexible light controls, such that you can adjust blind position and slat angle for different levels of light and privacy. Our Venetian Blinds are exclusively designed with a user-friendly, single-control gear rod, which enables you to manage blind operation with more convenience. 

In short, our Venetian Blinds make excellent additions to your home and offices.


Nicedrape’s Venetian Blind is highly versatile: Apart from ordinary aluminium materials, you may choose from a variety of slats to fit your design style, such as fabric, leather and wood. Our Timber blinds, for example, offer natural beauty and elegance, whilst creating warmth and tenderness for your interior.

Our Venetian Blinds can be controlled by manual, motorized, remote, grouping or computerized systems.