Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds can be an attractive addition to any home or office. 

One attraction of Venetian blinds is not so much the light they keep out but the light they let in-due to their shape, Venetian blinds cast interesting, sometimes spooky shadows. 

In any case, Venetian blinds will add an interesting creative element to your home or office.


Venetian Blind, TOSO unique system. It is a single control gear rod to adjust the blind stop position as well as turning the slat angle. The exclusive design avoids not only most the troubles engaged when managing the cords of the traditional one, but provide a safety environment to children.The user-friendly rod instead of traditional messy cords enables you to manage blind operation more convenience.

Nicedrape Venetian Blind can be motorized, remote, grouping and computerized operated.