Roller Blind

Changing times have lead to demand for increased security and energy efficiency in any place you need. Roller Blinds are an ideal solution to this demand, and do so effectively and attractively.

Roller Blind satisfy both the aesthetic and functional needs of different environment. It takes not only the role of controlling daylight on computer screens, works surfaces, but improves productivity by minimizing eye fatigue from contrasting bright and dark surface . The blind also helps in achievement of optimal level of sunshine and creates a comfortable environment. It provides an ideal window covering for modern decoration and creates a comfortable environment and significantly reduces energy waste by balancing solar heat and light intake.

Roller Blind can be controlled by manual, motorized and intelligent operation. Motorized blind provides comprehensive solar protection and room darkening for contemporary office. Our Ultra quite operation with perfect alignment in multi-level operation system improves your indoor workplace with ideal solar filtration and optimum intake, utilization of natural light and lower energy consumption. It specially fits offices with open monumental window wall best.


Comprehensive decorative and technical Fabric selections with different degree of transparency, light and heat transmission are available.