Curtain rail

TOSO Curtain rails can be divided into 3 different types: Light, Medium and Heavy duty, it can be controlled by hand draw, cord draw, motorized, remote control, grouping operation. Different models can be applied to different occasions such as guest room, conference room or theatre.

Hand draw: Standard type to operate the curtain open or close, (draw rod is an option to avoid directly gripping the curtain fabric). Best suited to small and medium-sized windows as well as light weight curtains.

Cord draw: Opening and Closing the curtain by operating a pull cord at either rail end. Suitable for large windows, heavier curtains, high windows and skylight windows.

Motorized: A motor is attached to the rail to drive open or close the curtain. It is important to select the right rail and motor according to curtain size and fabric weight, and you may opt for single or unified operation. Our motorized curtain systems operate seamlessly and ultra-quietly, which suits most environments.