Nicedrape’s Annual Conference 2019


Nicedrape’s annual conference came to a satisfactory close on 16 March, 2019. Our colleagues from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong would gather once a year in this annual conference. We visited our factory in order to have a better understanding on the process of production and operation. Also, the technician introduced the latest product and machine to the sales, in order to let the sales to have a better idea on company’s development and enhance the knowledge on company’s technology. Moreover, we have an outdoor training this year, the theme of the training is to encourage the staff to take up a challenge and create a better future. The instructors inspire us through some group games, it can help us to enhance our communication skills, co-operation skills and leadership skills as well. Moreover, we built a better relationship and realized the importance of synergy effect in order to have a better co-operation.