Nicedrape voluntary activity - Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk New Comers’ Ward


Nicedrape’s colleagues went to Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk New Comers’ Ward to visit the children and celebrate the Christmas together. We prepared some gifts to...

9th Learning and Teaching Expo


9th Learning and Teaching Expo held on 12-14 Dec, 2018 at HKCEC. Thank you anyone to coming support....

Nicedrape's voluntary Work -Shanghai Xuhui District CareCare Wellness Center for Children


On 14 December, Nicedrape’s shanghai branch colleagues visited the students of “Shanghai Xuhui District CareCare Wellness Center”. We played some games ...

To award the Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Logo in both “SME Category” and “Volunteers Category”


It is our honor to participate in the 9th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Programme which is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Com...