The Hong Kong Council of Social Service – Caring Company 2019


This is the 7th year that our company be awarded of the 5+ certificate of Caring Company. The event held on 20 May at HKCEC. This award’s mission is to build ...

Happiness at Work Promotional Scheme 2019


The annual ‘Happiness-at-Work Promotional Scheme 2019’ ceremony was just held on 11th April, Nicedrape is so glad to achieve the “Happy Company 5+” . T...

Nicedrape’s Annual Conference 2019


Nicedrape’s annual conference came to a satisfactory close on 16 March, 2019. Our colleagues from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong would gather once...

Seeds of Art Charity Foundation Co. Ltd. (SOA) Charity Walk


Nicedrape first time to support charity walk from Seeds of Art Charity Foundation Co. Ltd. (SOA). It is a meaningful event....